Institute Europa Subterranea


Neukirchen-Balbini Oberpfalz (D)

26th of May - 29th of May 2022

Institute Europa Subterranea

in cooperation with the

Arbeitskreis für Erdstallforschung

Between Worlds

Compared to other branches of archaeology, mining archaeological research is still relatively young but mean-while quite well established. A major part of the work is still carried out by volunteers, be it individuals or clubs. Apart from mining especially near-surface level excava-tions like rock cut cellars and erdstall features are subject of more intensive research. Notably concerning the latter a lot has happened in the meantime. For example the European Centre for Erdstall Research was officially opened in Neukirchen-Balbini last year.

Besides from this an increased interest and activity of the state offices for monument conservation in old mines can be observed. This led to the foundation of a commission for mining archaeology by the union of state archaeo-logists. Apart from a registry of mining monuments as well as the examination of single objects concerning old mines and other anthropogenic near-surface level under-ground features the question is what their tasks are and how these can be fulfilled while at the same time guaranteeing public health and safety as well as other interests.

In addition to the presentation of results from individual projects it is the concern of this years symposium to more shed light on the different point of views in the handling of subterranean monuments from their investigation to their protection and/or redevelopment as well as mediation in the public. For the discussion at this years conference location the erdstall features are a good starting point.