Institute Europa Subterranea

Presentations and contributions yearbook

Lectures and Excursions:

Our symposium comprises a lecture part with oral presentations (30 min incl. discussion)in the mornings and field trips in the afternoons. On Saturday afternoon we will be discussing actual research issues during a workshop. The presentations should all be held in English.

If you are interested in giving a lecture during our symposium, we kindly ask you to communicate the title and the content of your presentation asap with a short preliminary abstract, but not later then the 1st of March 2023 via email to:

Articles within the proceedings volume:

The proceedings volume contains scientific articles about the lectures and offers the possibility to present additional results referring to current research projects. The articles should preferably be written in English (deadline 1st of March 2023).

The Symposium book will be available during our conference.


We also offer the opportunity to present posters of A0-size during the symposium. Posters can be presented and discussed during the coffee breaks in the lecture parts of the symposium.

Participants who hold a presentation are expected to deliver an article for the 2023 yearbook.

Articles deadline: 1st of March 2023

Language: English

Text: MS Word

Font: Calibri 10

All pictures and tables in JPEG format 300Dpi min. 13 x 18 cm

Maximum pages text: 20

Contributions can be send to the editor at: